How do your subconscious, and by definition, unacknowledged feelings about yourself determine the kind of life you’re living?

How does your unresolved childhood wounding and/or trauma impact your life in subtle and not so subtle ways, every day?

Let me tell you, straight up, your deepest feelings about yourself and the energetic imprints of unhealed childhood wounds and trauma impact every area of your life, every day of your life. PERIOD. END. OF. STORY.

There’s really no time left to ignore this truth or keep settling for a life that’s an unconscious out-picturing of the limiting beliefs you hold as a result of patterns and programs your survival mind created at a much younger time in your life.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with over 40 years of experience working will all kinds of people, I realize that not everyone has experienced what we typically think of as TRAUMA. These are generally events that we identify as severe physical or sexual abuse, a tragic accident, loss of a child or spouse, being robbed or having their home broken into, combat experience, the infidelity of a spouse, etc.

In fact, most of my clients tell me that they don’t identify as having had TRAUMA, even though they acknowledge that their upbringings weren’t perfect.

Perhaps there were challenges with parental alcoholism, mental illness, financial insecurity, yelling and fighting, a special needs child, parental abandonment or religious intolerance in their homes.

Our minds tend to “normalize” these kinds of things. That was just life as they knew it. We thought it happened in every family. What happened, happened, and we dealt with it and grew up.

But the truth is that these kinds of life experiences, and more, are not normal. They are overwhelming and yes, traumatizing, to the mind and body of a young child, or even young adult.

In order to cope and carry on with daily life, the memories and associated fears, pain and confusion of these events, get pushed deep into the subconscious mind.

So, obviously, we all grow up in a chronological sense, ticking off one year after another.

But, psychologically and emotionally, our development may be stuck, ie “arrested” or even revert to an earlier age, ie “regressed” by childhood events that were overwhelming to your child mind and body.

Regardless of age, we can all get anxious, angry, upset or overwhelmed when something in our daily life triggers these unresolved memories.

Until these painful memories, which the mind has managed by pushing down into your subconscious, are revealed and healed, they will continue to hijack your beliefs, emotions, choices and behavior.

You keep doing, and getting, more of the same.

In effect, these younger, hurting parts are determining what you think of yourself, other people, and the world in general. Is it safe, am I loveable, who can I trust, how can I get my needs met?

Your thoughts lead to actions (or in some cases non-action), which determine the kind of life you create for yourself.

93-95% of what’s in your mind is in your subconscious. That far outweighs the 3-5% of your mind that’s conscious and allows you to be aware and making choices in the present moment.

You are much more likely to be stuck in some memory from the past or projecting worry or anxiety into the future.

It’s impossible to change what’s in the subconscious with traditional forms of health care. You MUST dive into the subconscious patterns, unhealed trauma and childhood memories to free yourself of the energetic and emotional impact of early life events, even if you don’t remember them.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, repeating patterns in your personal life, your relationships, your work and your health that you’re ready to clear, let’s talk.

If you’re ready to change things up so that you can attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, please reach out.

I know what’s possible when you do this work. I’ve done it in my own life and have walked alongside thousands of clients to do the same. I’d be honored to be your guide on this journey with you.

To your best life,


PS…Here’s part of a recent email that I received from a client after we’d worked together: Catherine-Thank you for coming into my life when you did. Just think, I was reading a Facebook post and then I started to follow you. I realized that we knew some of the same people. I was ready for help. Life had become too much and you helped me learn to slow down, calm the chatter in my head and make me believe in myself again. With your help, I began to clear old traumas, understand who I was, and put myself back on the path of knowing where I wanted to go. I would recommend you a thousand times over. You were my angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep doing what you are doing! Beth

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