After more than 12 years of tapping with clients as well as in my own life, I continue to be amazed at the depth at which EFT can go to uncover and heal our unhealed emotional wounding.  Consistently, when I listen in to the energy behind the words a client is saying, and follow that thread in our tapping, we’re able to access and address deep emotional pain that is being held in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  One of the most powerful areas of this work is in healing the unrecognized effects of early loss, whether that loss is the result of abandonment, divorce or death of a parent, sibling, pet or other loved one.

Each type of loss comes with its own unique subset of losses, all of which impact a child in subtle, but profound ways.  For example, the death of one parent leaves the surviving parent in their own deep grief, which the child may experience as withdrawal and emotional unavailability.  The details of funeral arrangements, financial considerations, managing daily household chores, childcare issues and more can overwhelm the now single parent.

The child may feel somehow responsible, as children see themselves as the center and cause of everything in their world. They may withdraw so as not to further burden their parent, push their own feelings aside, or try to become the caretaker or “other adult” in the household.

Throughout life, each loss compounds the last, so that everyday experiences such as a friend moving away or loss of first love or the selling of the family home, can take on greater emotional meaning than we realize.  Over time, as more losses are experienced, the person may begin to close down their heart as a way to stop feeling the pain of each loss. That makes total sense, right?

The thing is, when you close your heart to protect yourself, you don’t just close off the pain, you turn the dial down on all your emotions. You can’t pick and choose what you want to feel fully and what you want to dumb down. 

As an adult, you may experience this as feeling disconnected from your own feelings and from other people.  You may feel a lack of passion, energy and fulfillment in your life that you can’t quite explain or get past.  You may recognize self-sabotaging behaviors that allow you to manage your uncomfortable feelings or numb your emotions., but keep you stuck in a mediocre life.

The problem is never the problem.

There is always a deeper reason for what’s going on in your life right now, whether the problem is showing up in your intimate relationships, your finances, your health, your job or career, or your personal habits.

To experience real relief, you’ve got to be willing to dive deep into the core issues and emotional wounds of your early life.

This is the key to true emotional freedom and an abundance of what you want in your life.  It takes courage and consistency, and a willingness to practice radical self-acceptance and love.

Tapping is the best way I know to get there!  If you’d like to know more, please reach out.

From my sacred heart to yours,