There is so much information at our fingertips these days that we’re often not sure where or who to listen to for the information that’s going to best serve us.

Sometimes, having a lot of information can be a wonderful thing. Like when you need to use your GPS to navigate your way to a new place or google a yummy paleo recipe that you can put together using those random ingredients in your fridge or when you hop over to Pinterest for a new decorating idea or travel inspiration.

And then there’s information overload. You know what I’m talking about…the FB comparisons, all the things you’re told you need to know about how to eat right, work out or sleep better, be a better person, partner or parent, create or manage your business, decorate your home, grow an organic garden, be active in your community, local politics, church or non-profit. And so much more. Exhausting, right?

I know you’re feeling the stress of a life that can feel out of control, trying to figure out how to keep up, stay on top of all you’ve got going on, be responsible to the people who depend on you, all while holding onto the appearance of having it all together and “living the dream.”

Sometimes this so-called dream can feel like a nightmare, one that you can’t seem to wake up from. I think we all feel it, in our own ways. There have been some things going on in my personal, family and business life recently that have got me feeling like that more than I usually do, and certainly more than I care to!

Even if you love the people in your life and the things that you are doing, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting at times. It can be really hard to hear the voice of your own inner calling in the midst of all the noise of the outer world.

Sometimes you need a good listener and a wise guide to help you navigate all of the noise, obligations and stress of everyday life.

I’d like to share a little story that popped into my mind this morning.

About 10 years ago I went to two weeks of adult summer camp through T. Harv Eker’s Quantum Leap Program. The first week was called Warrior Camp and the second week, later in the summer was Wizard Camp! Yup, I’ve still got the t-shirts!

Both weeks were extremely intense psychologically, emotionally and physically. It’s nearly impossible to convey the intensity, courage and focus that was necessary to get through each of those weeks, nor the level of exhaustion from the grueling 18 hour days.

On the other hand, the sense of accomplishment, personal growth, confidence and satisfaction that came from meeting the physical and emotional challenges was beyond anything I’ve ever done.

I learned a lot about my fears, my mindset, my inner strength and commitment to do what it takes to complete a task, especially if other people were depending on me.

Perhaps most importantly, I learned that I was a natural leader and that people saw that in me and relied on me during some very difficult situations.

One in particular that comes to mind was a challenging ropes course that we were doing in teams. It seemed that at each obstacle I naturally presented an approach that people could agree on and that allowed us to successfully move through each challenge in a way that each person was an integral part of the process. It was hard and for the most part, fun!

I distinctly remember one climbing exercise where, one by one, we all had to climb up a very tall post using hand and footholds, release our grip and step up onto a small ledge when we reached the top, grab a trapeze bar and swing to a platform on another pole. It was high and it was scary, even if we were harnessed in!

I volunteered to go first and model how to do it. This was my first time trying anything like that but I was pretty confident in myself and my strength. The hardest part was letting go of the handholds and stepping up onto the small platform, knees shaking, reminding myself not to look down!

I successfully completed the swing and came down the opposite pole. Then I took my place at the bottom of the first pole and “talked” each of my teammates through the exercise. A lot of people were shouting instructions to the person climbing and it got to be confusing, and anxiety provoking, for the climber.

The climber needed a calm, clear voice to keep them calm, focused and moving forward. A number of times climbers called down for everyone to be quiet so that they could hear my voice.

At the end of that challenge, the course itself, and the week, I had many people tell me that I was a natural leader, that they knew they could trust me and that mine was the voice they always listened for to guide them successfully through the challenges we were presented with that week. It was deeply moving and confirming for me.

As you might imagine, there are a WHOLE LOT of really cool stories from those two weeks, but they will have to wait for another time to be told!

What I really want to share with you is that, in the noise and stress of life, you will occasionally need a calm voice, a sure guide and a safe space in which to take some refuge or do some challenging inner work.

If you’re in one of those places in your life now I’d love to speak with you.

And if you sense that you need some time away to focus on yourself, your needs, your mindset and your dreams I’d like to invite you into a special opportunity to do just that.

I’m holding an intimate retreat for a small group of women who are ready to do some deep inner work, connect with their true divine nature, vision a new dream in their life and have plenty of time for relaxation, transformation and laughter. Sound good?

I’ve had my deepest transformations when I’ve gone on retreats and stepped away from by day to day life. 

I firmly believe that it is critical to “retreat” in order to experience major shifts, as described in this definition of retreat: a place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all; a place of privacy affording peace and quiet, or withdrawal for prayer and study and meditation; the act of moving away to find safety or respite.

I promise I won’t have you climbing poles, carry jugs of water up a steep mountainside, walking on fire or breaking an arrow by stepping into it with your throat (yes, I did that and more!).

But I will ask you to go deep, be vulnerable and dream big, with my support and that of the other women who will be on the retreat with you.

And I may just share a few more stories from my adventures at camp!

You can find all of the details here:

I look forward to taking this journey of healing, connection and transformation with you!